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Virtual Pike Fly Fishing Comp is in its 3rd year and growing. The event was born from the COVID restrictions Winter 2020/21 where we could go fishing, but on your own. Usually the comps I run are weight based, but with no way to “officiate” catch weights as you were out on your own. So I adopted the European way of doing things with measuring the fish in Centimeters (CM).

2023 will see 3 changes to the competition.
1) £11.00 entry fee of which £10.00 from every entry will go towards the 1st prize pot. If we have similar entrants like 2022 saw (30 entered), that could be £300 for 1st prize!
2) As we are now dealing with £££ winnings, I will be introducing an anti-cheat feature. All entrants will need access to a printer the night before the competition as I will be emailing them a card that will need to be printed and displayed in the catch report photos.
3) Everyone will enter via the form at the bottom of this page

This is a virtual Pike Fly Fishing comp is open to all in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & England). You can fly fish Rivers, drains, lodes, canals or Lochs from the bank, boat, float tube or kayak; so long as it was OPEN during the last COVID Lockdown. If it was closed, you can not fish that venue.

How it works

➡️ Start fishing on 17th November 2023 at 0730.
➡️ Winners decided by total measurement in CENTIMETRES (CM)
➡️ All entrants must register via the entry form (below) on the event BEFORE 1800 16th November.
➡️ All entrants must supply an email address & have access to a printer.
➡️ Soft measuring tape or fish measuring “boards” to be used, no metal/builder type.
➡️ Must take 2 photos:
-1st of the whole pike with tape measuring nose to tail, printed card & fly in shot.
-2nd close up of the tail for the measurement.
➡️ Submit your catch reports by 4pm CUT OFF via FB messenger comp group chat, Whatsapp comp group chat or via Instagram.


🟡 1st Place:- £10 from every entry & prize pot will be advertised leading up to the comp day.
⚪️ 2nd Place:- WF9 – WF10 fly line of your choice from Predator Fly Fishing
🟠 3rd Place:- Set of 3 pike flies from Predator Fly Fishing


⚠️ *No still-waters or reservoirs can be fished on this event. Why? Originally during the last stay local lockdown, they were closed.
⚠️ Rivers, drains, lodes, canals or lochs CAN be fished
⚠️ Boats, float tubes or Kayak are welcome, as well as bank fishing.
⚠️ Total measurement wins.
⚠️ Measurement from nose to end/tip of tail.
⚠️ Official fish measuring “boards” and soft tape can be used.
⚠️ Soft tapes must be on TOP of the fish, NOT under it.
⚠️ Only Fly rods/reels/lines can be used on this event.
⚠️ Pike flies only, No “spinner Lures” or Jigs.
⚠️ Valid Fishing Licence on you for the part of the country you are fishing if you get asked by EA/Bailiff.
⚠️ Suitable Pike bite proof trace as per club/waters rules that your fishing.
⚠️ Correct Pike landing & unhooking tools

‼️ Measure from lip to tip of tail.
‼️ Required photo 1 of 2 showing the whole fish, tape nose to tail, printed card & fly.
‼️ Required photo 2 of 2 close up of the measurement. (not the same fish as above, just for example).

To enter, you must fill in this form. When you click on submit, it will open a new window where you can pay via card.
Privacy, Your details are only ever used to communicate with you before/during the competition. Details are not shared with ANY other party and will be deleted 7 days after the competition.

Virtual Pike Fly Fishing Comp Entry Form
These are required to send in catch reports on the event day