The club has access to a lake in Norfolk that stocks Wels cats to 30lbs with 1 cat to 50lbs, Remember that these catfish are constantly growing and they will only be getting bigger! Along side the cats are Pike from 10lbs to 15lbs and Carp. There are some strict rules that we must adhere to with this lake and all applicants for it are vetted by request of the fishery owner. Once you have been vetted (Just a phone call from the club chair woman), You’ll be sent via email the card payment information.

Members: 10 Max a year.
Season: 1st March to end of Feb following year.
Max to book on same time: 4 people fly fishing or 1 fly fishing with max 2 non-fly anglers.
Booking in blocks of: 24 hrs, start fishing at 1200 & be packed up by 1200 following day.
Currently no limits on how many blocks or back to back eg 48-72hrs (2-3 days) you can book.
Must book 7 days in advance via the Syndicate Whatsapp chat.
All members will be able to view an online calendar of availability, this link will be in your membership conformation email and in the group chat..
The lake is not “exclusive” for us, we do share it with other Syndicate bait angler members.


There is a clean toilet and shower block located in the main lake car park.
You can order a cooked breakfast for the next day by contacting the fisheries owner or his wife when you arrive.
Tap water located also near the toilet block for making any cuppas or washing up etc

Important Rules.

Minimum fly rod weight: 10# This is not negotiable. Spey rods are not suitable, Single handed is best.
Leader: 30-40lbs.
Trace: FLUOROCARBON 12″ x 80-90lbs or 0.9mm thickness due to the pike being present. Must be Fluro to not cut in to the cats and NO WIRE to be used.
Hook size max: 3/0 single de-barbed.
No double or treble hooks.
No Circle hooks.
Net Size: 42″ minimum.
Unhooking mat: Yes.
Medicines: Fish 1st Aid Spray or similar must be used on any wounds and unhooking points.
Beaching Tarp: Yes, at least 6ft long x 5ft wide.

Additional Fishery rules.

When you arrive, must let the bailiff or fishery owner know.
Gates are shut/locked from early evening to following morning. If you know you need to leave after gates are shut, you must let the fishery owner know to get the gate code.
No rods to be unattended at any time.
No standing up with ANY fish, ever. You will be asked to leave and your membership revoked with no refund.
No retaining/sacking of fish or keep nets.
No rubbish to be left, please use bins near shower block car park.

At the moment we offer the Catfish add on membership. As the club grows, we will be adding venues that can be fished under a “standard” membership. The standard membership is separate from the catfish.
Catfish (Fly only) Add on is £260 a year.

Please fill in the application form below and upload a Recent passport type photo of your self or take a clear selfie.

Fill in your address
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you do not have one yet, please provide this before the start of season
⚠️ You must have all of these before you can fish the cat lake ⚠️