The little Ouse is A lovely 1.4 mile stretch in the Little Ouse village on one bank opposite the moored boats. Although the Little Ouse is classed as a chalk stream that originates East of Thelnetham, this section has a character more like a Fen Drain. With the usual shuttering installed along the bank edges by the Environment Agency more recent years and probably dates from the Roman period.
Fishing the Little Ouse this past very wet winter has been a breeze! Unlike the normal drains, our stretch has kept a good clarity and fishable flow. We are lucky to say we have had a good winter considering the amount of rain we had.
– Wading is not allowed due to the bank edges.
– Fly Fishing from Float Tube or Kayak is allowed & using the clubs own Mooring to launch.
– Be aware of the over head power lines, Do not cast under these as electricity can jump. Stay at least 20ft away each side.
– Average width of this section is 65ft, with some parts skinner or wider by a few feet.
– The back cast needs to be a high one with the proximity of the flood bank to your back.
– Lots of areas that can be fished from and in time we will be arranging work parties to help cut in new areas through the reeds.

Species: Pike, Zander, Perch, Wild Carp, Chub and various smaller “Baitfish”. All species are catch and release only.

Access is via the White House Rd with strict parking restrictions, these restrictions MUST be adhered to at all times.
Must text the Club WhatsApp group with the Reg/Vehicle description in case the farmer needs you to move.
No parking on any roads approaching/leaving the bridge.
No parking outside the 2 large wooden sheds/yard on White House Rd.
No parking in front of any village residence/business driveways.
Must NOT hinder farm traffic from getting past your vehicle at any time, inc the ultra WIDE Combine!.

You CAN park in-between the newly planted tree rows on White House rd, please be aware of the soft grass after long rainy periods.
You CAN park in front of any field entrance that has large logs across the entrance.