Chair Woman, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and H&S: Barbara Craig.
Babs founded the club in March 2023 and has been fly fishing for 5 years; 4.5 of those on predators. Grew up fishing for Nile Perch in Kenya before I moved to the UK and also runs Predator Fly Fishing. PB Pike 21lbs PB Wels 21lbs

Vice Chairman: Paul Sumption
Paul been coarse fishing for 38 years and fly for 3. I mostly rove (both fly and coarse) but also fish a winter match league and night sessions for eels and zeds. I try and get out fly fishing 3 or 4 times a week.

Secretary: Alex Mason.
Been fly fishing for 37 years, PB Pike: 32lbs 8oz

Membership Secretary: Andrew Garner.
Fishing for 32 years. All methods angler from Beachcasting and Kayak Angling to UL Lures and Freelining for Carp.
Fly fishing for 4 years and just started tying my own and targeting general coarse species with my 3wt.
PB Pike on Fly 16lb.