Welcome to the East Anglian Fly Fishing Club!

East Anglia Fly Fishing is a newly formed club with coarse fish as its core target. Fly fishing for coarse fish is a fast-growing part of the hobby as anglers are looking for new species to try or looking to try a new method of fishing. Coarse fishing generally is much cheaper per year than your typical game membership or day ticket for some. On top of that, if you planned it right; you can be fishing a river for almost all year round! April to Oct for game fish and on to coarse till mid Feb.
What is coarse fly fishing? There are around 25 species of coarse fish commonly fished for in the UK, but the most popular targets for Fly are Pike, Zander, Perch, Catfish, Grayling, Carp, Chub, Tench, Bream & smaller “silvers” (Roach, Rudd, Dace). Essentially, any species that is not Game or Sea.


Babs the founder of the club has been looking for various places to take on with coarse on fly in mind for several years and the past few months this has finally come into reality.
As some many know, this website has been going for a number of years already with tons of coarse fly fishing information, venues and other clubs. All of that will remain in place with the added section for the club itself.
– Will this just be a fly fishing club? Yes and strictly Catch and Release.
– Do you sell Day Tickets? No, we have decided that we want to keep things simple with an annual membership that all starts/expires on the same dates each year and not sell day tickets. If you are found to be fishing one of our waters without a valid membership, You’ll be asked to join the club, once you have paid for your membership you can carry on fly fishing. If you refuse to join the club, you’ll be asked to leave the venue immediately.
– Do you hold any events? Yes we do organise several events that are open to non-members, check our website Events section for more info/dates.
– Any discounts? We do offer discounts to our members of certain shops and fisheries. The full details and how to get the discounts will be in your Welcome email. We ALSO have offered 2 other Fly Fishing clubs a joining discount which will be shared to those clubs members via their Members Only social media groups. If in doubt? Please contact us

We aim to keep applying/paying for membership as easy as it can be, with this in mind; everything is done online with a simple form to fill in & card payment via a secure system. Once you get your membership email through, just keep the digital card as an image in your phone’s photos; ready to show any who ask.

Standard Membership £30

We also have the Catfish add on membership open for applications, this has a limit; so make sure you get a spot while you can. The cat lake is stocked with many kittens up to 30lbs with one cat at 50lbs with more cats being added. The lake also stocks pike from 10lbs to 15lbs and Carp, more information on the wels catfish club page.
Catfish (Fly only) is £260 a year with currently unlimited visits.

Catfish on Fly Application £260

Don’t fancy Catfish on fly? We now have a stretch of the Little Ouse river on our books & we are working on adding more waters as we find them. With a longer term plan of getting a stretch of drain as well. If you happen to know of a landowner/fishing rights owner who is looking to lease water in the East Anglia area? Please drop us an email and we shall investigate it.

Don’t forget to follow/join the clubs social media to keep on top of any updates (links bottom of this page).

Angling trust
East Anglia Fly Fishing is an Angling Trust Member.