A handsome, cheeky and bold fish, the perch (Perca fluviatilis) has a greeny-brown back with a series of dark vertical bars across the upper sides. Perch can grow up to 6lbs

Below is a break down of things you’ll need to start targeting Perch.

– Fly Rod weight: 6/7 Weight.
– Fly Reel: 6/7 Weight.
– Fly Lines: 6-7 Weight Float in shallow areas & Sink for deeper waters.
– Leader: 5-8ft fluorocarbon.
– Trace: No wire trace if no Pike present, 12lbs + wire trace if Pike are present.
– Trace to fly: Fast Link clip or knot.
– Fly: Small Minnow type flies on size 8-1 hooks.
– Net: Use a rubber mesh net, you may use your trout net.
– Unhooking Mat: A must if you are fishing on hard dry ground or concrete. Some fisheries/clubs/events have strict rules that you must have one with you. Best to check with them before you go.
– Forceps/Pliers: Forceps Yes.
– Unhooking glove: No

Tips for Perch

– Perch have a very spiky dorsal fin and pointed gill covers and care should be taken when handling them.
– Keeping your perch fly moving, but not stripping so fast that your artificial lifts up in the water