Standard Membership is for access to the rivers or drains we have on our books. At the moment we have a section of the Little Ouse with long term plans (1-4years) for 2 other stretches or river/drain, plans are to have at least one more stretch under our wing by this Winter. Plus the awesome discounts we have secured for our valid members to 2 coarse fly fishing shops + 2 fisheries that have coarse fly fishing. As new things fall into place, trust me; we will let you know, please be aware that when the ink has dried on a new water; the club will amend the membership fee to include the new water. This will affect people joining or renewing after a price change is made.
The new club discounts have been added to the website, The details of how to claim your discount will only be in the welcome to the club email that will also contain your valid eCard + club info.
Like the Catfish application, the standard one will also be fully online with card payment. We are keeping things paperless, easy to use. Part of being digital is that we do require members to install/use Whatsapp on their phones, this is so the farmer on Little Ouse knows who is there in case he needs to contact you to move your car.

Standard membership fee is: £30 for the coarse season. Membership will run from 16th June to 15th June the following year, this way it keeps things simple to keep track of.
If you are a member of one of the clubs we have offered a discount to? You will need your discount code + proof of valid membership, Information will be in your clubs Facebook Groups.
All payments are done via our super secure card company called Stripe, Any issues; please contact us.

Do you have Whatsapp installed on your phone? We use this for one of the venues/parking.
We do allow access to certain stretches of water, Please check for more info.
Fill in your address
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Do you have a code from one of the 2 fly fishing clubs ? If not, skip this step. Accepted formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg & Max file size 60MB
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Accepted formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg & Max file size 60MB
This is used for your “Parking Pass” @ some of our venues. If you do not drive or use a friends car? Insert that Reg
If you do not have one yet, please provide this before the start of season